Ollie the Owlet

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Available Patterns

Here you can find links to posts on my blog (stana-critters-etc.blogspot.com) for my knitting patterns. This is a list of some of the knitting patterns available. I have organized the list of my knitting patterns into two categories: Free and Paid. I will be updating this list periodically whenever a new pattern is published.
Have fun knitting!

Free Patterns

Monsters and Aliens
Household Items
Fun Stuff
Scarves, Cowls and Poncho
Face Masks

Paid Patterns

Toys and Bookmarks


Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga's House
Bella and Rose
Bernard, bearded dragon

Bumble Bee Mobile
Camille, the Fancy Cat

Cat Pin Cushion
Cecile, the window cat
Celeste, the fat cat
Charlie, the fish
Charlotte, the chick
Chameleon Leon
Cherie, Stella, or Brooke

Corey, the cardinal
Dasher, the dragonfly
Diamondback Rattlesnake
Ella, the elephant
Elmer, the elephant and Ruby, Baby elephant

Farmer’s Market

Fifi, the Fluffy Dog
Fiona, the fly
Flynn, the flamingo

Fox Pin Cushion
Fredrick, the fox

Frog bag
Ginger, a rabbit or a doll
Giselle, the giraffe
Helga, the hexagon owl
Hexagon Owl set
Hilda, the hen
Huggalufs Baby

Huggaluf pillow
Jelly, the dachshund dog
Kitty Blanket
Leonard and Lola
Lily, the ladybug
Love Birds

Love Potion Garland

Maillie the travelling monster

Meg, the Megalodon Shark and School of Fish
Mini Cat

Mini Pig

Miranda the owl
Molly, medusozoa species
Monster Al and his friends
Monkey Boy or Girl

Monogram Gift Heart
Najin, Northern White Rhino
Odie, the sea otter
Ollie, the owlet
One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish
Oreo, the Guinea Pig
Oriana, owl with cables
Otto, the owl
Pair of Penguins

Paw Print Heart

Paw Print Pin Cushion
Petal, the flying pig
Piggy Blanket
Poor Felines
Puppy Blanket
Rabbit lovey
Ralph, the rabbit

Rockefeller, the owl ornament
Roland, the raccoon
Roy G. Biv Caterpillar
Ruby, the seadragon
Sam, the slug
Samuel, the spider and Fiona, the fly
Sheila, the sheep
Shirley, the shark
Snake Bookmarks

Snowman Garland or Wreath
Snowman and Penguin
Squirt, the squirrel
Stella, the stingray
T-Bone's Bookmark
Teddy Bears
Teddy Blanket
The owl gang
Tina, the turtle
Tony, the pocket monster
Topsy-turvy Snake
Uri, the baby unicorn
William, the whale
Winter Trees

Witch's Hat
Zeke, baby zebra

Scarves and Hats
Shawls and Wraps
Blankets and Pillows
Household Items and Bags

Recent Blog Posts

  • A brief note
      Hello everyone, Every day I keep thinking about sitting down and writing a blog post. Yet somehow it has not happened yet. My knitting adventure has taken a brief break over the past few months. I tried to keep up, but life got busy with other things and there were days when my knitting needles were left untouched, and I couldn’t manage to make…
  • All the best….
      to you all, who continue to read my blog throughout all those years, or who stopped by to check out my free knitting patterns. I hope that your year of 2022 has been a good one and you are going to have pleasant and safe last days of this year.  As another year is coming to an end, I look back to what I…
  • Winter Cowl – Malabrigo Quickie
      Winter Cowl is my latest published knitting pattern. It is a part of the popular Malabrigo quickie program. The pattern calls for one skein of Mechita yarn.  You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry: Winter Cowl  Payhip: Winter Cowl and soon it will be also available on Lovecraft website.  I love how the honeycomb pattern creates a 3D appeal yet is simple enough for new knitters…
  • Tutorial for Cat Silhouette Bookmark
      I have created this super-fast knitting pattern for the Cat Silhouette Bookmark in 2015 and it has been my most downloaded knitting pattern for some time, passing over the knitting pattern for Minions.   Even though this pattern is available for free, I still try to help people if they contact me and ask for help. One of the most asked questions I receive about this, and…
  • Update
      This Stripy Poncho has been my favorite top layer during the autumn days. A free pattern is available here: Stripy Poncho The past two months have been a blur. My life outside of the knitting world took over and I didn’t have time to knit or think about knitting for some time. The few brief moments I had over the past two months I spent…
  • Life as a work in progress…..
      These two images are my favorites, they remind me that life is filled mostly with little things that make our day-to-day lives worth living. We may not see them or appreciate them at the moment, but when we look back at them, they give us a warm feeling of accomplishment, happiness and joy.  Sometimes our lives get tangled up and we have to go…

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Some of my patterns are for sale and plenty are free. The patterns for sale are helping me to support my creativity and share it with you.

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