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Available Patterns

Here you can find links to posts on my blog (stana-critters-etc.blogspot.com) for my knitting patterns. This is a list of some of the knitting patterns available. I have organized the list of my knitting patterns into two categories: Free and Paid. I will be updating this list periodically whenever a new pattern is published.
Have fun knitting!

Free Patterns

Paid Patterns

Recent Blog Posts

  • Still here, working on one stitch at time…..
      Staircase to…. This image is one of my favorites. I took it few years ago at an old castle in Czech Republic named Pernstejn. If you ever have a chance to travel to Czech Republic, this is a wonderful place to visit, as it’s usually not overrun by tourists. The castle has been used by movie makers as a setting for several movies, especially…
  • Fran, the toy mystery KAL and some new patterns
      Sensory Caterpillar is one of the two new patterns that I have added to Ravelry and to Lovecraft. I have created the pattern for Knitpicks IDP program, and the pictured sample uses their Dishie yarn. My second pattern Calypso Hat and Cowl that I have just added to Ravelry was also created for Knitpicks IDP and it just got published on Knitpicks website as…
  • One stitch at time….
         At the end of April, I had everything ready for the next toy mystery KAL. I only needed few more pictures of work in progress to show what the toy looks after each clue during the mystery KAL. Then something unexpected happened in our lives and I am still trying to figure out the next step. Life goes on and I will be back…
  • Dandelion Honey
      These jars are filled with sweet syrup made from dandelion flowers. I remember it as a special treat my mom and grandmother used to make when I was growing up. First time I made it by myself was in the spring of 2020. See the blog post here. Since then, I have continued making the syrup each year in the spring, when the dandelions are…
  • The Headaches of Medical Bills….
      Another one just arrived yesterday.  This year has been rather stressful, and my knitting has been mostly on hold. I cannot find the energy or time to knit. The stress of having my husband out of work and without any income since January is not helping. Earlier this month, when I went to an Urgent Care with a chest pain and was refused to…
  • A brief note
      Hello everyone, Every day I keep thinking about sitting down and writing a blog post. Yet somehow it has not happened yet. My knitting adventure has taken a brief break over the past few months. I tried to keep up, but life got busy with other things and there were days when my knitting needles were left untouched, and I couldn’t manage to make…

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Stana D. Sortor

Stana D. Sortor’s grandmother taught her how to knit and crochet when she was a little girl. Ever since she took her projects everywhere. Of course she has experienced some sidesteps on her knitting path, like trying to be an artist, photographer or writer, but she always returned to her favorite activity.

Some of my patterns are for sale and plenty are free. The patterns for sale are helping me to support my creativity and share it with you.

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