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Available Patterns

Here you can find links to posts on my blog (stana-critters-etc.blogspot.com) for my knitting patterns. This is a list of some of the knitting patterns available. I have organized the list of my knitting patterns into two categories: Free and Paid. I will be updating this list periodically whenever a new pattern is published.
Have fun knitting!

Free Patterns

Paid Patterns

Recent Blog Posts

  • Summer 2024
      My summer project is to knit another rattlesnake. I was asked to make one, and I looked through my yarn stash and picked up the yarn in the colors I wanted to use. I have not started to knit the snake, yet and now I have a bit of deadline to finish this project, simply because I was procrastinating.  After a year of missing,…
  • Knitted Frogs in a Sweater Project
      I have been busy with a really fun project over the last few months. Here is a full class photo of 21 frogs in sweaters with a larger frog as a teacher. Last year when I started to work full time in the education field, I was thinking about knitting a little toy for every child in the classroom. Somehow things didn’t work out…
  • Paw Print Heart Patch
      My original Paw Print Heart was written for working in the round. I have to admit that I prefer to create 3D toys and objects by working in the round and avoid the sewing pieces together part. But some people prefer to knit on two needles instead of using the magic loop method or working on the double pointed needles. Last fall I received a message…
  • The Journey Ahead….
      It snowed here. It is something that usually happens during the winter months with regularity. Last winter was a rather strange as we didn’t have any significant snowstorms until March. The kids at school were super excited for the snowstorm, as our winter break has been rather wet and gloomy, without any sunny days. The snow blanketed nature looks gorgeous, and everything seems to…
  • Still here, working on one stitch at time…..
      Staircase to…. This image is one of my favorites. I took it few years ago at an old castle in Czech Republic named Pernstejn. If you ever have a chance to travel to Czech Republic, this is a wonderful place to visit, as it’s usually not overrun by tourists. The castle has been used by movie makers as a setting for several movies, especially…
  • Fran, the toy mystery KAL and some new patterns
      Sensory Caterpillar is one of the two new patterns that I have added to Ravelry and to Lovecraft. I have created the pattern for Knitpicks IDP program, and the pictured sample uses their Dishie yarn. My second pattern Calypso Hat and Cowl that I have just added to Ravelry was also created for Knitpicks IDP and it just got published on Knitpicks website as…

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Stana D. Sortor

Stana D. Sortor’s grandmother taught her how to knit and crochet when she was a little girl. Ever since she took her projects everywhere. Of course she has experienced some sidesteps on her knitting path, like trying to be an artist, photographer or writer, but she always returned to her favorite activity.

Some of my patterns are for sale and plenty are free. The patterns for sale are helping me to support my creativity and share it with you.

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