These two photographs may seem irrelevant to the title of this blog post, but in a strange sense it represents part of the knitwear designer process. When I looked at the sky I saw these heart shaped clouds, and I had a camera in hand and was able to take a photo. In a way it was a luck that I looked at the sky at that exact moment and had a camera and was able to capture the clouds shape before it disappeared and changed its shape. If I looked at any other moment the heart shaped clouds would be gone and I wouldn’t have these two photos. It seems that the same goes for submitting to a third party submission call. 

My ideas are few of hundreds submissions that the editors look through for each submissions call and sometimes it needs a bit of luck and the right moment for an idea to click and be accepted.

Brunelli Wrap is a perfect example. It was rejected so many times that it felt like it’s not worth it. Yet I kept returning to the sketch and swatch, and decided to knit a sample anyway. It was at that moment the pattern was accepted for a publication. Here is the post I wrote about the Brunelli Wrap after it was published in October Issue of Knotions Magazine. The rights to the pattern has returned back to me and I can offer the pattern to purchase on my Ravelry Designer Page,  PayhipLovecraft website and you can also buy it by clicking on this button, which takes you to Ravelry:

Picture bellow is by Kellie Nuss for Knotions Magazine.

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