Frances in an apron
Frances in an apron


During the pandemic and stay-at-home period, I had time on my hands. Under normal circumstances, I would not be able to observe the fox family that moved into the woods across the street. It felt special to be able to see them so close, yet afar as the fox family went about their daily lives, the baby foxes playing with each other, the parents running around trying to feed their babies. I named the momma fox Frances. Even though I keep seeing them almost daily, my phone camera is not good enough to capture a decent close-up image of them. Below see the picture I took during one of my walks with the dog.

T-Bone watching the neighborhood foxes


As I was watching them I started to think about the momma fox how busy she must be and it led to this playful idea of mine to create a momma fox and a baby fox. The momma fox definitively needed an apron and some snack food to keep her babies fed.

Frances and baby with snacks


The knitting pattern for Frances has been test knitted and edited by Midnight Purl.

Frances and baby fox


The pattern for Frances is included in my e-book, Baba Yaga’s House, available on Payhip or on LoveCrafts.

You can also purchase the pattern separately on my Ravelry store Designer page, on LoveCrafts, or by clicking on this button:


Frances, baby, apron and snacks


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