Meg and the Food Chain
Meg and the Food Chain

Meg and School of Fish

With a bit of unexpected delays Meg, the megalodon shark is in the hands of its recipient. For privacy reasons, I will not post a picture of the recipient but let me tell you that Meg is bigger than its owner.

Meg, the megalodon shark is about 56″ (142 cm) long. Of course, you can make a smaller shark by knitting this pattern with a thinner yarn.

Meg The Megalodon eating a stool


In the picture above she is trying to snack on one of our wooden stools. But then she changed her mind and went after the school of fish.

Meg and the Food Chain


The knitting pattern is a whimsical play on a food chain. Fish eats fish, eats another fish, and another and they all end up eaten by the ultimate predator Meg, the megalodon fish.

The pattern is available to purchase on Ravelry, on Payhip, on LoveCrafts

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Meg's School of Fish


School of fish: These four fish are knit in the round. Each fish is knitted in one piece from the inside of the mouth to the tail.

Meg and the Food Chain

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