The test knitting for this Memento Hat is almost finished and I enjoy seeing the pictures of the test knitters finished hats. I also have the pattern back from the TE and I will be looking over the suggestions and making the corrections based on the feedback. Bellow is a picture of my dog with an older version of the same hat, knit in worsted weight cotton yarn. 

I plan on finishing the edits and have the pattern published by the end of this month. But sometimes things do not work according to plans. For example, last weekend I really thought that I will look the edits over during this week.

But, our garden still needs to be tended and cared for, the plants need to be planted and seeds seeded and the time left after the work was done I have used to lounge in the hammock wearing the Memento Hat. I guess, as I age I have realized that there is always another day to sit in front of computer screen but perhaps there might not be another day when the weather is warm, the sun is shining and I have an hour to just exist and be present and enjoy the peace and quiet of simply being alive.

Thank you for reading and stay well.