Last week I posted about the upcoming toy mystery KAL and asked you, the readers, to vote for the toy mystery KAL that we will knit. Here is the link to the first blog post. 

Toy mystery KAL

So counting all of the votes from across the social media, 

Toy number one: 17 votes

Toy number two: 9 votes

Toy number three: 7 votes 

These results include votes in Ravelry group, here on my blog and everywhere else that people left a vote. You can see the Poll results from my group on Ravelry in the picture bellow, in case you are not on Ravelry.

So our first toy mystery KAL for the year 2021 is a toy number one. A pile of yarn on the left side of the picture. 

Details for the upcoming mystery KAL

1. More details on the amount of yarn and material needed for the toy – January 14th 2021

2. Clue 1 – January 18th 2021

3. Clue 2 – January 25th 2021

4. Clue 3 – February 1st 2021

5. Final pattern – February 8th 2021

In my previous blog post about the toy mystery KAL I have included pictures of the previous toy mystery KALs. There were 24 toy mystery KALs , but only 23 finished toy pictures. I forgot to include Celeste, pictured bellow. In the pictures of Celeste you can see a different size and look of the toy, which is done by using variety of yarn weight and colors. 

The yarn that will be in the details for the next toy mystery KAL is only suggested and you can use whatever color or brand of yarn you wish to use. 

Celeste pattern on Ravelry

Thank you for reading.