I have created this super-fast knitting pattern for the Cat Silhouette Bookmark in 2015 and it has been my most downloaded knitting pattern for some time, passing over the knitting pattern for Minions.  

Even though this pattern is available for free, I still try to help people if they contact me and ask for help. One of the most asked questions I receive about this, and my other bookmark patterns is how to knit the bookmark in the round. So, I decided to create a small photo tutorial which shows how I do that. 

I have spent one hour knitting the bookmark and since I have some leftover yarn, I created a new bookmark for the Cat Silhouette working flat in garter stitch. I will type up the notes (it is slightly different then just use a half amount of stitches given for the bookmark in the round).

The new pattern, which is written for flat knitting and have an additional updated version of the original Cat bookmark in the round as a bonus is available on: 

Lovecraft: Cat Bookmark

Payhip: Cat Bookmark

Ravelry: Cat Bookmark 

Here is the picture tutorial for the original Cat Silhouette Bookmark 

Start with cast on the number of stitches, I prefer to use the long tail CO.

After I knit the first round, I join the stitches to continue to work in the round. With two double pointed needles, each holding half of the stitches, and using the third needle to knit.

Following the knitting pattern round after round. 

After the Cat Silhouette is finished, continue with the ears.

Then, make the I-cord tail.

In about an hour, the Cat Silhouette Bookmark is done. 

Happy knitting and reading.

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