It took me over a week. I have watched the memes and knitting patterns appearing for the Bernie Sanders’ mitts. I watched the knitting patterns for hats, cowls, and even a sweater being inspired by the famous mittens Bernie Sanders wore for the Inauguration of the 46th US president.  I saw a crochet doll and the crochet patterns for the Bernie Sanders dolls being offer for sale, for free, and I watched the bidding on E-bay for the original doll created by one of the crochet designers. There are so many crochet patterns for Bernie doll on Etsy (and other platforms that sell patterns)  now that it’s amazing. And I believe I have seen two different knitting patterns for Bernie Doll. Both of which are interesting, but not what I would like to actually make. Somehow the variety of knitting patterns for Bernie doll are a little bit behind on this.  

I guess, being a knitwear designer comes handy as I am able to create a knitted toy that will fit my vision as to what the doll should look like and how much it hopefully will resemble the original Bernie Sanders in the now iconic photo. 

As with every design it starts with picking up yarn. I am using stash yarn as much as possible and this doll is not an exception. I looked through my stash and narrowed it down to those yarn as they are closest to the colors, as seen in the photo. I would like the doll to be able to either sit or stand, and have the clothes removable, and I also would like to include the chair for the doll to sit on. 

I should be working on some other knitting projects that have been on my needles and have some sort of deadline attached to it, may it be for few submissions, toy mystery KAL, knitting pattern samples,  etc.  I will post another work in progress blog post next Friday as to what I actually decided to work on. 

And those who are reading and wondering if I will type up and make the pattern available for other to knit their own doll;  I will do that after the toy is finished and I am happy with the result. 

Thank you for visiting.